Turkic Academy

Turkic Academy was founded in 2012 by Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Türkiye as an international organization under the aegis of the Organization of Turkic States (then called Turkic Council) with the aim of coordinating scientific researches on the language, literature, culture, history of Turkic people and evaluating the contribution of the Turkic civilization to the human civilization based on indigenous sources.

Hungary has been granted observer status in Turkic Academy at the 6th Summit of the OTS held on 3 September 2018 in Cholpon-Ata.
Located in Astana, Turkic Academy is presided by a Scientific Council, consisting of the Ministers in charge of Education of the Member States as well as the President and Vice-Presidents of Turkic Academy. The functions of Executive Body of the Academy are performed by its current President Shahin Mustafayev .  
The main mission of the Academy is to lead scientific studies on Turkic history, ethnography, languages etc. as well as preparing common textbooks/teaching materials across the Turkic world for the use of educational establishments in the Member States.
The Academy has issued more than 90 publications, working on common literature, geography, history textbooks to promote the common history, culture and heritage of the Turkic States, as well as implementing the social research project called Turkic Barometer. Turkic Academy conducts important archeological researches and excavations, which led to the discovery of ancient artifacts related to the Turkic era in Mongolia.

More information is available at the official web site of the Academy https://turkicacademy.org/en